• BS 7671

    Carryout calculations in accordance with BS 7671, including current carrying capacity of cables and earth fault loop impedance.

  • Cable Library

    Retrieve information from the myCableEngineering cable libraries. The library includes generic cables, standard-based cables and manufacturer's cables. Information available includes cable types, CSA, and full physical dimensions for cables.

    For more information, see: https://mycableengineering.com/knowledge-base/cable-library

  • Electrical Current

    Electrical current calculations. Various calculations and conversions for electrical current.

  • Electrical Power

    Electrical power carries out power calculations. Both input and output power is calculated, allowing the calls to be used for various equipment type (motors for example). Calls can be used for general power calculations by setting the efficiency, making the input and output results the same.

  • Faults

    Fault related calculations: fault levels, fault impedance, adiabatic, etc.

  • Impedance

    Calculate various impedances for cables and other conductors

  • Installation

    Installation related API, details on single core configurations, geometric meaning spacing, etc.

  • Manufacturers

    List, data and properties for Manufacturers

  • Materials

    Data, properties and calculations for electrical engineering materials.

  • Networks

    Carryout network type calculations. Series impedance, parallel impedance, etc.