myCableEnginering API

Our API is an electrical engineering data and calculation service, with a particular emphasis on cables.

In developing myCableEngineering, we constructed a full API to carry out all the data manipulation and calculations. Over time we are making this API publically available to other developers. We are following our internal timetable on this but will make available early any requested API functionality from our users.

The portal fully documents our API. Additionally, we have an 'API Help and Tips' page on our myCableEngineering Knowledge Base, which we update by adding content in response to user questions.

Developer Support

Developers can use this portal to discover our API and test out the response.

Developers can log and discuss issues and submit their applications to the application gallery.

If you have pre-sales questions or need help using API, please contact us.

The API is the public interface to's API backend. The same terms and conditions apply to this API as for the site: Terms of Use, Privacy Statement.